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further. Also, the Youtube video “Asphalt Sealcoating 101 What is Driveway Sealer?” includes all the relevant information so you know the reason why this step is important. We’ll tell you more.

Asphalt sealcoating is created from one base which is an emulsion mix. There are two types of sealers readily available in this market: coal tar-based and asphalt-based. There is a difference in that asphalt comes from the petroleum-refining process, whereas coal tar is extracted from the process of refining steel. This substance is a type of resin and gray substance that looks very similar to asphalt.

It’s because coal tar is known to have polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that can be carcinogens. Meanwhile, asphalt-based sealers don’t possess that issue, making them always the best choice. Asphalt is also a recyclable material , since it can be extracted from asphalt that is used to make sidewalks, driveways as well as other uses.

This is done by heating asphalt at temperatures of 300°C or more and then extracting all liquid. Afterward, it’s mixed with emulsifiers and water to create unbreakable sealcoat material. For further information on asphalt sealcoating, view the remainder of the video.


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