Check out These Interesting Facts About Google

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What do goats and the Burning Man Festival have in common? Well, they play a part in one of the largest search engines. Yes, that is correct Google. The very first Google Doodle was launched in 1998 and was a graphic of the famous Burning Man of the infamous desert party. It was created to let the employees of the company know that co founders Page and Brin would be out of the office while they frolicked at Burning Man. Oh, yes, and the PageRank algorithm was named after Page.

And so what about Google and goats? Google uses herds of goats from a goat grazing rental company to keep the lawns of the headquarters manicured. Talk about an environmentally friendly way to trim lawns!

While those are interesting and somewhat funny facts about Google, let us look at the more serious facts about the company and how it can affect the traffic flow to your website.

More than half, or about 58 percent of people research a service or product by using a search engine. This is a much higher number than those who visit websites of companies, about 24 percent. Another 18 percent will make their inquiries through social media.

Another interesting fact to take in is that 57 percent of B2B marketers say that SEO has the biggest influence on lead generation. In fact, statistics say that leads generated through SEO have a 14.6 percent close rate. Alternative leads generated through traditional means such as print ads, only lead to a 1.7 percent close rate.

And this is why Google and SEO is so important to your website. Since so many people use search engines, and mainly it is Google, you want to make sure that you are at the top of those rankings. You will need to find a company that can help you create content, as well as a full marketing plan that can drive new business to your company via your high search rankings.

You will need an attractive website, an effective email campaign, and a social media presence. All of these combine to create a website that can launch you to the top of the Google rankings, which in turn will drive more traffic to your site.


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