The Development of Search Engines

Search engine ranking

Search engines have evolved over the years, especially the search engine giant Google which receives over 70 percent of the search engine market share. What started out as a small storage compartment made out of LEGO bricks, has now turned into the Internet’s most trusted source for news, information, and research.

One of the things leads to people placing their trust in Google is its unique PageRank algorithm. This PageRank algorithm allows Google to assign websites and blogs a unique number rank based on its relativity to specific keyword phrases. Websites try to achieve a high Google rank in an effort to increase traffic to their website.

Websites and blogs receive an increased amount of traffic from Google because of its unique Google rankings system. People feel that if Google is ranking a page on the high end then it is obviously popular for a reason. In fact, 80 percent of Internet users trust organic search results and completely ignore sponsored ads on search engines.

The unique nature of Google’s PageRank has resulted in the development of search engine optimization techniques. These search engine optimization technique, or SEO techniques, are tricks and things website users can do to try to increase their website or blog’s search engine ranking.

Google’s PageRank software is designed to determine page rank based off of a number of factors. These factors include number of visitors, frequency of the site’s updates, number of backlinks, and use of specific keyword phrases. Websites can use SEO techniques to help encourage the software to rank a website higher.

An example of an SEO technique used to increase a website’s ranking on search engines is the use of SEO blogs. Research shows that websites that have an SEO blog attached to the website have over 434 percent more pages indexed on search engines. The more pages that are indexed by a search engine, the higher the rank will be.

Search engines are important for online businesses. Search engine increase the online business’ visability and hopefully encourage people to visit the website. Using SEO techniques can help websites and blogs for online businesses rank higher on search engines.

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