How to Handle Your First Week with Invisalign – How To Stay Fit

If your teeth appear to be crooked or move to the side, the Invisalign aligner is a wonderful solution to straighten them. The system consists of a set of plastic trays used to cover the teeth and move them into new positions. The first step is to take an impression to be made of your teeth , so the trays are made to precisely match the teeth of your mouth.

The trays have a tight fitting. They apply pressure to the teeth constantly to shift the teeth and help them become straighter. This can be difficult or even painful wearing the Invisalign alignment for the first week. Patients who wear them for the first week often opt for over-the-counter pain remedies. This may help ease any pain, and also ease the process of getting familiar with them.

The first week in which you’ll be wearing these is when you have to begin to habitually placing your aligner tray in and out of them when eating. In the beginning the process may be hard to remember. Then, you’ll get familiar with using them properly, and then the straightening gets moving. i4tks88hz9.

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