What It Is Like To Be A Janitor – DIY Projects for Home


They keep the area clean and tidy throughout the day. But have you ever thought about what it’s working as an employee of a cleaner. If so, you are not alone!

What’s the role of a Janitor? You might be thinking about the thoughts of everyone else about this job is likely to be correct. Many janitors have to clean entire areas. This can be as simple as the campus of a school or corporate office. They do all the dirty tasks from blocked toilets, leaky faucets, or dirty floor; they are adept at by keeping a space clean.

Tips from a janitor to guide you through your house’s upkeep:

Tip 1: Use hot soapy water. The hot soapy water is used to remove the blood and soda spilled from the garage. Although a variety of chemicals and solutions will be able to handle the job however, hot soapy waters are the best and cheapest solution to addressing those issues.

Tip 2. Newspapers. Although they’re not easy to come by these days, newspapers are scrutinized and tested by glass cleaners to create shine.

Tips 3: Be kind to your wife. If you wish to keep your wife happy, Doing the dishes can go far in keeping your wife happy.


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