How to do a Bald Fade – Consumer Review

1. In order to begin a fade, the most effective number to start with is four. The first step you should take is to utilize four in order to trim the hair’s total length to an even length. After cutting the hair to one length is to position it on the first guideline. The line of guideline usually is on the upper part of the hair, just below the ear. This is the part that is most easily handled with sharp trimmers that make a very smooth surface.

The very first guideline must be followed by a barber. This guideline will determine what the remainder of the haircut will appear. So, it’s essential to have a perfect one. The next step following cleaning the areas of the guideline spotless is to look at the front of the head, and scrub the area clean. The same trimmers can be employed for on the reverse of the head in order to give it a smooth shaving.

A second set of guidelines is the next step, and it should be as clear as you can. The results will amaze you. the results.


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