How to Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood – Confluent Kitchen

Are you doing a lot under the kitchen fan? It is possible that the exhaust hood will be blocked with time. The grease-laden smoke gets sucked up by the fan before being absorbed into the vent. The grease particles then get trapped inside a filter. If the filter is not maintained regularly it can become green and drip with grease. One of the best options is to hire the services of a professional kitchen cleaner to scrub the hood for you. However, in this video, you will learn how you can clean your kitchen exhaust hood filter at home.

There are many ways to clean the filter. Use dish soap to dissolve the oil. Additionally, you could employ a product for degreasing or an enzyme cleaner. In this clip, OxiClean is used. To begin, fill up a bucket with hot water. Add a few spoonfuls OxiClean in the water to make it hot. Once you’ve obtained this solution, place your filter into the bucket for 10-30 minutes. This gives it enough time to disintegrate the grease. After the time has expired and you’re ready to use a brush to scrape the grease away. This should allow you get rid of it right now.


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