How Do Post Tension Cables Work? – Mac OS X Power Tools

Does anyone know that there are cables within concrete. Concrete with large sections has post-tension cables in them. Smaller sections of concrete aren’t. This is why sidewalks often fail or break. This article will discuss the ways post-tension cables help concrete to stay solid and solid.

Concrete is put in section by segment onto a dug-out portion of land. This is done based on the location the property owners have decided. Most people don’t realize is the cross-spliced cabling within the concrete to secure its construction. These cables can be extended and stretched to take up as much concrete as you can. They also add tension-based strength. What this does is keeps the concrete from splitting or cracking into smaller pieces , by strengthening the concrete’s entire structure.

These cables are braided steel cables covered in the grease as well as plastic covers. The grease prevents them from corroding with the course of time and acts as a shield while the covers are used to protect the cables so they don’t rust from the weather and water. They cut the cables after the concrete is set and the cables are tensioned so that they won’t poke out creating a danger for tripping.

Concrete slabs are less likely to crack or break if there are cables in it.


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