7 Most Popular Patio Designs – Home Improvement Tips

Cool patio designs Many different types of roofing, including shingle roofing are able to be utilized in this design. Roofs can offer more protection from the elements than a roof, however, you’ll still have access to airflow and sunlight through the windows and doors during warmer months. Ceiling fans are a typical feature on covered patios. They move air around and help keep insects out of the area. Because this fan doesn’t require the roof to be installed, it’s ideal for high ceilings.

4. Porch with screen

A porch that is screened in could be used interchangeably with a screened patio, however there are differences in overall design and functionality. While both spaces may look similar on the outside, the screened-in porch is typically less enclosed than patios due to the fact that they generally have walls along with an overhead door that can be closed at any time to provide the privacy they desire and to shield themselves from severe temperatures. They also incorporate the utilization of cell shades for sliding doors, which block the extreme light to help in reducing the energy cost. The arrangement will protect your family from bugs, especially during the day when the sun shines down on furniture outside. This might not be the best option for those that require much more airflow. A screen enclosure can trap heat, causing it to maintain a particular level. Screened-in porches are fashionable patio designs, which are widely embraced by different states.

5. Decks

They are among the most popular design options for patios among those who love spending time outdoors. Decks are perfect to set up furniture for patios because they serve as outdoor platforms. Certain homeowners could add screens on their decks and enclosures.

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