Can You Have Solar Panels on a Flat Roof? – Remodeling Magazine

Are solar panels installed by ninos onto flat roofs? It is important to know the structure of your roof prior to you solicit a quote. In collaboration with an energy consultant with a background on solar panels is the best way to examine your roof. They’re trustworthy and equipped to give you the right advice.

You need to consider the specifications for solar panels which are installed on sloped, flat or ground-mounted rooftops. Sometime, the solar panel installer won’t be able to do work with a flat roof due to lack of expertise. A few big solar companies will not put solar panels up on flat roofs since they only use certain design and technology to cut costs. However, you can seek the assistance of a different energy service. Ask for quotes from various solar panel contractors if have flat roofing. It will help you identify the ideal company for mounting solar panels to the roof you have.


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