Basic Guide to Filing a Workers Compensation Claim – My Free Legal Services

report an injury at work the moment it takes place. Thus, even though you normally file a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of your employees, you should start by collecting information and supporting documents that support your claim.

In the first instance, you should inform your employees of the incident. After that, they must be directed to get medical attention if needed. Make it clear to your employees that they should notify you as soon as possible if they become unwell or suffer an injury while working. Many states require employees who are injured inform their employer in writing of their injury. They must also report the injury within a certain time.

It is crucial to inform employees injured in the workplace of their rights and entitlements in addition to the amount of length of time that it will take the employee to return to work once they have been informed that an employee has been injured.

In the majority of cases, the employer is the one who submits the form of claim and the accompanying documents to the workers’ compensation insurer. The insurer must still receive an examination report from the doctor of the worker. cym5qfhdxk.

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