An Explanation of Seo from the Inside out

Search engine optimization

So maybe you represent a business that is looking to expand its internet presence. Great idea. Sixty five percent of mobile device users rely on their smartphones and the internet to make purchases, or locate businesses. That number is growing all the time. Perhaps you have looked at SEO, considered it, and come up with some questions. You know how search engine rankings work to place organic search results on either the first or last page, but most likely somewhere in between. You know that SEO works to improve how a search engine ranks your content and improve your placement on search engine results. But what of the rest?

Google’s first tweet ever was binary code for “I’m Feeling Lucky.” The next tweet should have been, “And you aught to be too.” Since the mid 2000’s Google has been the driving force of online marketing strategy and innovation. Why? Google holds between 65% and 70% of all the search engine market. This means that 2 out of every 3 people you ask will say they use google as their search engine of choice. Any marketer knows that if you need to communicate with consumers, then you have to reach them. There is no better way to contact folks on the internet than with Google. Hands down.

Search engine optimization, or online marketing based on search engine rankings, gained real popularity when one pretty simple statement was solidified by fact. What was that statement? People do not want to be sold to, but they do want to be helped. The statement was made fact by statistics, which still show people avoid looking at the sponsored search results 70% to 80% of the time.

If you have been keeping tabs on SEO news then you have undoubtedly heard of Google’s latest algorithm update to Penguin 2.1. You have probably also heard about how Penguin 2.1 has negatively affected the SEO community. This is how that effect is being dealt with.

Two major assessments have become law.

The first of these is mind the flock. Keep strengthening your online marketing solutions by leveraging social media. In these instances it is just as good if not better to tend to the flock you have grown, keep them coming back, as opposed to trying and failing to work around the algorithm updates.

The second of these credos is to continue working content to be the best out there. Disregard the SEO reporting analytics that may have been used a crutch in the past. It is easy for content producers to forget that the audience is not a series of super computers, but rather is comprised of people just looking for some answers. If nothing else, the algorithm update Penguin 2.1 has forced content creators to once again refocus on their audience – the people.

What does all this about online marketing mean for you – the guy behind the business looking to get in the game. Well SEO is changing. The result will be something better than has ever been seen. That is doubtless. Change is just the launchpad for innovation. If your business is looking for online marketing solutions then there is no better time than now to get connected with a competent SEO reseller who is abiding by those above rules. The effects on customer recruiting and retention will only get better and better.

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