Why a Comic Book Shop Is For People of All Ages – Online College Magazine

Comics aren’t only designed for the geeks or kids. The rise of all-ages books has been one of the biggest developments in comics in the past few years. The majority of comic stores have some sort of event going on, whether it’s the release of a new book that goes up at midnight, gaming competitions or Free Comic Book Day each every year on the first Saturday of May.
Many authors have done a wonderful job in making books suitable for everyone. No gratuitous violence or inappropriate language in comics. If you walk into in a shop for comics the shop is an adventure that is full of wonders.
There are plenty of comic shops in your neighborhood that have people just like you, who are avid readers and love reading amazing story and artwork. A lot of shops have games areas where you can play with your friends and connect with new friends. There are numerous new games available, including Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pokemon and Pathfinder. aywgea6iz6.

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