What is Peripheral Neuropathy? – Health Talk Online


Carpal tunnel syndrome and eral neuropathy have only one nerve affected. In most instances, peripheral neuropathy may affect many nerves concurrently.

Each of the three peripheral nerves within the system is susceptible to being affected by peripheral neuropathy. It could cause the muscles to weaken or become twitchy if it’s affected by motor nerves. If it impacts the sensory nerves, it could create a tingling or pain. If it affects the autonomic nerves then it might affect temperature regulation and systemic issues with the cardiac or digestive systems.

The systemic disease of diabetes is related to widespread peripheral neuropathy. Patients with diabetes who exhibit unusual neurological symptoms such as the sensation of numbness or tingling the weakness of their hands and feet need to see their doctor right away. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is essential to halting or slowing the growth of peripheral neuropathy.

If you aren’t diabetic, a neurologist can help you identify the root for your peripheral neuropathy. The doctor will provide appropriate treatment options.

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