What Is a Residential Demolition Permit? – New York State Law


A demolition permit is required for all structures that have to be removed from a property, or demolishing accessory structures.

3. Situations that don’t require the Demolition Permit

Though this could differ from one area in another, you’ll generally require a permit for small structures like garage, porch, deck, or shed.

4. Conformity With Requirements

You will need a complete permit application, grading plans, inspected and completed plumbing permit as well as an escrow bond for cash demolish.

5. Things to Consider Before Demolition

You must ensure that you’ve taken these steps before you begin the demolition.

The project you propose to work on. Check the notification period Understanding the conditions of the site control ordinance for demolition. Find out the amount of soil required 6. Inspect the project

The local authorities will keep an eye on the demolition work all through. This doesn’t stop once approval is granted for demolition permits.


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