What Are the Best SEO Tips for Content Writers?

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Don’t be too serious. Don’t be too silly. Pretty simple search engine optimization (SEO) advice, but perhaps these are two of the best SEO tips available. Especially when it comes to creating content, a healthy mix of seriousness and silliness may be just the ticket writers need to be successful.
The difference between silly and serious.
On the silly side, the options are nearly limitless. Some of the best SEO tips for generating client specific content does involve a little light heartedness. For example, a story assignment about oil furnace repair could possibly start out with a funny story about a large school district superintendent tweeting snow day predictions back-and-forth with the thousands of students who could be affected by the weather. Silly indeed, unless those snow day tweets actually interest your reader enough to have them continue reading further down the text and actually click on one of the keywords about furnace repair. That silliness, possibly leading to that click, is, of course, the goal of all SEO work.
On the serious side, days or months spent working with 18 to 21-year-old students in a young adult program could also lead to content introductions that might grab the reader. If, for example, the keyword is psychotherapy treatment, those classroom and job coach experiences can provide a generic description that just might entice the guardian of an individual who needs a better care option. Someone who is the main caretaker for someone who really does need the combined care of physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental health providers to care for their loved one can relate to specific characteristics that a job coach can provide.
The difference between quantity and quantity.
Another one of the pretty simple, but very applicable, SEO tips is realizing the importance of both quantity and quality. As more and more writers work with more an more companies to generate topic specific content, quantity can no longer the only goal. While anyone can write hundreds of words vaguely describing any number of topics, the top SEO companies are making quality content their mandate. These SEO reseller programs still need to generate enough quantity that they can drive their customers to the top of any search engine list, but poorly written content will not continue to drive traffic for long.
The best SEO reselling approaches take the time to monitor and evaluate the quality of the written content pieces. Specific information, for instance, about the Montessori educational philosophy can lead to a quality piece that may actually be read by a potential client looking for local preschool options. Getting this reader to click on the proper keyword is the goal
Why you should start talking to strangers.
SEO content writing is actually very much like any other kind of journalistic writing. As such, the same training and tips that create good journalistic writing, is the same information that should be used for SEO tips for content writers.
Journalism students have always been told that the best training is to know as much as they can about absolutely everything. So, while staying informed about worldwide current events is necessary, so to is talking to people. If, for example, an SEO content writer finds herself standing next to a merchant marine while she waits in line for a car wash, it makes sense that the writer should start a conversation to learn more about the unfamiliar and rare career of spending months at a time on a ship at sea. How many hours do you work in a week? How many people are on the ship when you travel through the Panama Canal? How did someone whose dad was an airplane pilot become involved in a water transportation career?
Those answers from a conversation with a random stranger in line may be what that SEO content writer could use as a catchy introduction on the next assignment about transportation safety and guidelines. Without seizing the question and answer opportunity, the next content assignment on travel will have to rely on the boring facts about American transportation industry numbers. Those facts, which are necessary to the whole story, are simply not important enough to use as an opening sentence or lead.
Silly. Serious. Quantity. Quality. Ready to write?

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