Tips for Sticking to Your Co Parenting Custody Agreement –

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4. What can be done to settle conflicts between parents who are co-parents

There could be disagreements between both of you regarding certain elements of the parenting agreement. But, regardless of the situation, it is vital to keep in mind that maintaining respect for each other is paramount. The basis of family co-parenting is the basic principle of decency. That means that you are present and fully understanding the views that others have.

Don’t stress over the specifics of your disagreement over important matters for example, a medical procedure. Like, for example, your partner could insist on purchasing your child lenses to improve their eye sight however, you’d prefer traditional lenses. To avoid complicating the situation take it easy and make compromises since the only thing that really matters is the rectification of their eye condition.

5. Simpler Transitions

Kids may have a tough to transition from one family from one household to the other as stipulated by the co parenting custody agreement. Because it is impossible to avoid the transition, it is important to assist your children through this process. Keep a positive disposition when you take your kids to their other parent and assist them in packing their bags in the earliest possible time before they leave, according to their ageto make sure they don’t forget anything important.

Also, it is important to remain in a moderate manner through time by yourself with your children as you visit them at first, since children often require patience to become accustomed to the new environment. A few children with joint custody are often resistant to the notion of being transferred to another parent. If this happens, you should try to determine the root cause, as the issue can be easy to resolve by paying your child more attention or changing the method you use to disciplining them.

6. You may want to consider co-parenting counselling as an option.

You should consider co-parenting counseling if both of you are having trouble settling down or adhering to the mandatory agreements for co-parenting. A questionnaire


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