Three Common Causes of Lower Back Pain – Bright Healthcare

What could cause back discomfort? The most common cause of back pain is injuries. You may be able to get injured to your spine or muscles in the event of a fall or car crash, slip-and-fall or any other type of trauma.

If you are sedentary or perform repetitive motions, it can lead to issues with your back and neck. Neck and back pain can be caused by arthritis bad ergonomics in furniture, and even medications.

There are instances when back pain gets worse with movement. In some cases, back pain becomes worse as you move. Likewise, back problems that cause leg pain and the pain that you feel elsewhere could occur.

A good chiropractor will provide an approach that is hands-on that can address the root causes behind the pain. In this way, you do not require costly and addictive medications. If you’re suffering from back spasms, signs of lower back pain, or other aches, scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor would be wise. 66y78933st.

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