Should You Buy Self Defense Insurance? – IER Mann Legal News

Fense insurance. In this video, Dave discusses what he believes is the better option in this particular type of insurance. This type of insurance is utilized to help protect an individual for self-defense in the event that there is a severe injury.

Recently, there have been homeowner cases where homeowners were defending their home from someone trying to break in, only to be arrested for a crime and afterwards sued by the one who was trying to break in and injured. Dave Ramsey doesn’t have this type of insurance.

This video was produced in response to a question asked by a viewer regarding this type of insurance. Mr. Ramsey does not have such insurance, and has suggested further study would be required. The expert suggests that any person interested with this kind of insurance thoroughly evaluates the type of insurance coverage that they’re thinking about.

Prior to making a final decision, check out what insurance will cover and whether it will provide the benefit you are hoping to find. This type of insurance may not be required in every situation. It is, in the end, a jury out as to whether this form of insurance is worth the cost.

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