New Study Reveals Link Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes – Health and Fitness Tips

The American Diabetes Association also points out that diabetes cost statistics are very high. They estimate that $327 billion is spent every year in America to treat patients with diabetes. It is one-seventh of all healthcare expenses in the United States. Diabetes can cause damage to the body, wallets and the overall well-being of our healthcare system.

Diabetes may be multiple medical conditions. The other conditions caused by it are diabetic retinopathy. It damages the eye’s blood vessels and may cause blindness if not treated. A lack of blood circulation, specifically for the feet, could also result from the condition of diabetes. In the case of Gangrene, it can be due to insufficient circulation between the feet and toes due to the condition. This is a serious condition that could require the amputation or removal of the entire foot. The lack of blood circulation could result in blood clots within the arteries as a result of a buildup of plaque.

Everyone with diabetes, as well as all caregivers of them must be mindful that diabetes bleeding is a serious problem. The bleeding takes longer to stop following injuries, such as scratches and scrapes. To reduce the risk of bleeding diabetes sufferers should consult their dentists. 857gi5uipf.

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