Need to Increase Search Engine Ranking? Four Things to Consider

Did you know that a combined total of 35% of clicks go to the top three ranked links in Google search results, according to Slingshot SEO? Further, 70% to 80% of search engine users, according to statistics from Search Engline Land, ignore sponsored links entirely. When you put those two facts together you can see that websites commanding organically high ranks in search engines are poised to generate a lot more traffic and more potential revenue. Here are four tips to increase search engine ranking.

  • Synergy Equals Growth
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    Recent changes to Google have started to factor visibility in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms into search engines ranking. Utilizing social media to share your content is not only free, but it is a good way to generate quality back-links that demonstrate to search spiders that your content is something people want to see. According to Christopher Null of PC World, 35% of small businesses are taking to Facebook to grow their brand. Why? As reported by All Twitter, 63% of web searchers say they are more likely to use a business with a social media presence.

  • Age Matters
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    Gregory Go of points out that age is a factor taken into search engine rankings on all major search platforms. This happens in two distinct ways. First, a website that has been around for a while is assigned quality points. The thought is if the site has been around this long, it must be doing something write. On the other hand, fresh content is given preference over stagnant content. To take full advantage of age in your SEO efforts you need to stick to it each and every day. Keep providing quality content on a regular basis. This way you build the credit that comes with age and that which comes with a steady flow of new content.

  • Do Your Keyword Research
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    One of the keys to search engine optimization to increase search engine ranking is the use of keywords and targeted phrases. Search Engine Journal states that 93% of all online interaction begins with searches. By using readily available online tools, like Google AdWords, to find what keywords are being used in the highest volume, you can cut down on phrase competition and put to use the latest search trends. This makes you easier to find. This improved traffic can lead to increased search engine rankings.

  • Focus on Content Quality
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    Methods to improving search engine ranking have changed in the last two or three years. Big changes to Google’s PageRank algorithm through Penguin and Panda have created an environment that dislikes traffic farmers and loves producers of quality content. The best modern blog SEO tips all point to producing quality, engaging content that users will want to return to and share among their friends. As Quick Sprout points out, “content isn’t king, unless it’s good content”.

If you want to increase search engine ranking for your personal blog or business page, follow these four tricks. It may take some time, but if you stick to it, they will yield results. What are you waiting for? Start now!

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