Modern Mountain Home – Bosch Power Tool Source

A millionaire designed a mansion out of caves. He wanted to call himself a caveman. The majority of his tasks on his own. Some time ago his diagnosis was MS. He had always wanted to transform the cave of sandstone into a home. The cave was remodeled with over $1000 in the renovations. The boulder was carried by him for thousands of hours. He was the sole person to do it all. The cave is equipped with WiFi. The cave was built with ventilation channels. the floor and hardwired electricity. He created a cave, which is more than 700 years old. He dug out the cave to make the foundation. Angelo created a tunnel 18m below the surface in order to bring the water. He was forced to walk through the cave for 11 days. Angelo is planning to live full-time at the cave house. The home is currently used as an extra and holiday home. This was an uplifting, and also very humbling period in his life. If you are curious about learning more about this, there are more videos. The final product is shown in this video. For more information, keep looking at the video. wlq1uopvsy.

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