How To Create the Perfect Lawn – Balanced Living Magazine

What is your favorite shade of green? It is the kind of green that many homeowners are looking for. This is what many homeowners strive for. It is not always effective. In some instances, it is necessary to plant seed from scratch when your lawn is becoming slightly sparse. In this video, will be taught how to make an ideal lawn.

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can grow grass seed in summer. But, it is not the ideal time to start planting. It is due to the high temperatures and crabgrass could prevent new seeds from really taking hold. Plant in the fall so that the new seeds are able to flourish.

The initial step is to make use of a core aerator in order to clean the lawn. Then, shovel compost onto the lawn. You can use a rake to spread the compost. After that, use the spreader for spreading fertilizer. You can also spread it over the seeds. Most important is to water your grass seeds. If you keep them hydrated daily and you’ll have lush grass within a matter of days! This is how you get your perfect lawn.


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