How Best to Fix Teeth Gaps – Healthy Lunch

Modern orthodontic treatment ensures that you no longer have to have gaps appearing in your smile. In this video, an orthodontic specialist explains what causes most tooth gaps and also how to fill gaps. In the case of example, if you have two gaps between the front teeth, it could mean that the muscle that connects your upper lip to the gums is weaker than normally. Also, you may have gaps caused by tooth extractions or missing teeth. If your tooth gap is tiny and you’re not sure what to do, a small metal retainer designed to be a bit too tight could pull your teeth in period of. It’s not required to wear the device at late at night. It is typical for those who already had orthodontic treatments but require additional assistance in the future. Patients with larger gaps may require traditional or clear plastic braces to help align their teeth. Since all the teeth may be affected by just an individual gap, they may all require shifting just a more. The orthodontist will help fill in gaps. c31abr2xn8.

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