Fire Hydrant Pressure Tests Footage and Why They are Necessary – EDUCATION WEBSITE

They’re committed to their jobs. Follow this informational segment from ABC 10 Up to understand the steps these authorities have to go through to ensure that their fire the hydrants work effectively. This guide provides information about the pressure testing of the fire hydrants as as some tips and tricks for your water line.

Anyone can take on the task of keeping fires out but once a fire is started, it’s important that you allow the fire to be ignited by those who have more experience. A vital tool for putting out fires is the fire hydrant. The video below explains how the pressure test on a fire hydrant is performed to make sure they work effectively. This process is one that happens annually. If there is a need for a fire to be extinguished, it is crucial to ensure that the pressure of water is at the right level. Fire hydrants within the fire department of each county in America need to function properly.

Fire departments are able to help in estimating the amount of water your system needs. Get more details about the process and tests of your department’s fire apparatus. qcw5x2gh8r.

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