Experience a Day in the Life of an Oral Surgeon – Teeth Video


Consultation is mandatory for the first encounter with an individual patient.

The roles of oral surgeons are tooth extraction, sedation, dental implants, or the biopsy. Discusses with patient what’s happening. It could be that there are x-rays. One of them is to review medical history, which includes major complaints and any recent events. The oral surgeons can then take the necessary decisions.

Patients are often scared and would prefer to sleep for the procedure. One of only specialties that offer anesthesia as well as surgery. Oral surgeons utilize CT scanners for 3D images of x-rays.

In consult rooms, the surgeons discuss the plan of surgery, in addition to determining if patients would prefer to sleep. Most procedures are out patient. It is possible to have discussions about insurance or out-of-pocket charges.

Dr. James shows a surgical suite and interaction with patient. This includes getting vitals. Talk about the antibiotics that will be administered during the procedure. Discusses the process with patients in order to be sure that they comprehend the procedure.

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