Everything You Should Know About a Medical Detox – Crevalor Reviews

This process is medically supported by doctors who recommend drugs to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Visiting the right detox doctor is not the only step to recovery. The next step is rehab and substance abuse treatment.

People who are physically dependent on drugs or other substance should seek medical detox. This can be evidenced by needing larger amounts of a substance with decreasing return, or a failure to get off. At the beginning of each program, doctors evaluate patients. The assessment includes physical examination, urine test and blood tests, as well as biopsychosocial examinations. The doctor will utilize this data to choose the appropriate type of detox. A detox on its own is risky especially for addicts to depressants such as alcohol or opioids , such as heroin. It’s better to do it under supervision by a physician. the medical detox process could last from three to ten days. The doctor will suggest an aftercare program.


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