Driver Attempts to Drive Into Tornado – The Film Frame

It’s a huge feat of courage to chase storms. To collect valuable data Storm chasers put themselves at risk lives in order to record and photograph tornadoes. The data they collect could result in more accurate forecasts of tornadoes in the near future. It is hoped that this will reduce deaths and injury. Some storm chasers chase tornadoes simply for the thrill of it. This video will teach you how storm chasers put their lives to help save tornadoes.

Even the most minor of tornadoes could create a lot of destruction. It is possible to need the roof fixed. These tornadoes are capable of cutting off the shingles and planks of roofs. You can find metal and wood shards that get picked up that can be thrown around. They could be fatal to any who comes too close. Two storm chasers risk getting close to the tornado in the video. The tornado is able to cross the road directly in front of passengers. The passenger asks the driver slow down. However, the driver courteously refuses to comply. The driver then decides that they should get closer to the tornado. The car is almost in the tornado at some point. The tornado is causing lighter pieces of debris falling off the clouds over them. The vortex did not send hazardous objects towards them and that was a good thing.


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