Breaking Down the Choice Between Asphalt and Concrete Driveways – Small Business Magazine

In the process of choosing between asphalt or concrete driveways, lots of homeowners face difficulties deciding. Continue reading to learn more. What are the advantages of a driveway made of asphalt? Asphalt driveways are able to last an extended time if properly employed and they are usually quicker in installation, while reducing the cost of installation. Most people who decide to go with asphalt application do so specifically due to the reduced costs involved. Be aware that asphalt has to be replaced every four or five years. What are the benefits of having a concrete driveway? Asphalt and concrete share many similarities, but they have several differences be aware of. Concrete is more durable and requires less care. Even though concrete driveways could require some degreasing, the concrete is usually less maintenance than asphalt. How can I find asphalt concrete in my area? To find good asphalt contractors, reach out to family and friends of yours. Contact your neighbors and friends to inquire whether they’ve had experience working on good asphalt walkways and driveway contractors. Find out the license status of the firm and ask for an estimate in writing.

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