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After a bachelor’s, most students choose to enroll in a three-year programme. There are many who want to work as lawyers. Many may also opt for the path of a Ph.D.

Clerical work carries the following responsibilities:

1. Judicial law clerks assist judges get ready for court through extensive research and legal documentation.

2. They just graduated from law school and made sure judges were aware of the vast body of precedent and law on which they base their legal decision-making.

3. They assist in communicating with the lawyers involved in hearings and trials.

4. These people prepare and review legal briefs as well as assist lawyers with submitting motions. They also carry out others routine duties like taking notes and proofreading opinions, entering data and review forms.

5. Clerical work is often performed in offices, courtrooms or in judges’ chambers. It can be performed at the side of the road in order for conducting interviews or delivering subpoenas.

6. Their average work week is 40 hours. Sometimes, they work in the evenings, more often than workers in other occupations.

7. They also maintain the chamber library and update the court’s schedules and calendars. d148k73q3n.

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