All The Ways to Use Wood Chips – NC Pool Supply

Wood chips can be used in a variety of ways. First, you can use them to make pens or coups. He owns the pigpen. The wood chips were scattered in his pig pen. He added that it completely made the smell disappear. It knocks the smell down a lot. It was not filled with toilets with water, but instead he filled the spaces where the chickens lay to use the toilet. Next, you can build a chicken coupe. It is possible for the tight enclosure to make chickens smell if they’re not allowed to wander. Wood chips can be used for reducing the scent. In general, the barn could benefit from wood chips or wood shavings. Most of the time, it could be used to make bedding. He spread the chicken coupe about 2 inches. The high amount of nitrogen in chicken droppings make them extremely nutritious. The wood chips will become half composted by the time they’re scooped. The wood chips can be sucked out of the bag and utilized for compost. Wood chips are useful in a number of ways. Take a look at this video for more. 9n5ih6pd8y.

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