A Guide to Creating Minecraft Bedrock Server Hosting – Customer Support Portal

concerning this process.

Open any web browser using your device after which you can search for “aternos.org”. Aternos permits you to use access to a completely free Minecraft server. In order to create an account, you will need to register. Once the service is registered, ensure that you click on the bedrock edition instead of the Java edition.

You will find a variety of choices and settings in the lower left corner of this page once you’ve set up your server. These allow you to alter it to your liking or invite other players who are interested in joining your server. The settings can be customized to make your server more fun.

It only takes a few moments for the server to start loading before you can interact with your brand-new world. Once you have opened Minecraft bedrock and then added the server, it is now ready to use. Verify that the information is correct otherwise you’ll be unable to join! So now you’re on the Minecraft server without having to download anything!


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