5 Steps to SEO Reselling

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Online businesses all want to sell more and if they want to up their sales, making their company show up on the first page on a search engine, will be a huge asset to them and you.

Let’s look at how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps.

  1. Know the Company.First of all, before anything, you must understand the company you are trying to sell to. You need to know what the are trying to do. Understand exactly what kind of customers the specific company needs to make high sales.
  2. Set goals.Challenging but attainable; specific but flexible goals work best. For example your goal could be that over the next 30 days you want to be 1000 more customers than usual pass through the website. When setting a goal with numbers, you must first know what the previous numbers were. Make sure the company is keeping track of their traffic. If they have not been, which is rare but happens, this could be a service that they need and that you could up sell with. If you are looking at how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps then a big part of this is understanding what it is your customer needs in order to satisfy their customers.
  3. Know the Product.In addition to knowing the company you must know your own product. You will never be able to convince someone else of the benefits of what you are offering, if you do not even know them or believe in them yourself. This point can overlap the ‘know the company’ step because the benefit of knowing your own product is that you can successfully convince someone else of their need for it. To do this you must research the business and find out exactly why they need search engine optimization and how it would help out their company. Knowing the pros and the cons of them purchasing SEO services is a smart thing to do. This is mainly so that if you client seems unsure or has doubts, you will already know how to rebuttal them.
  4. Compare.Comparing yourself is taught to be a bad thing but in this field it is not. It’s part of how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps. Find out what other SEO companies are charging so that you can compare your prices to see if you are charging to much or to little. The main point here is that if you are able to find out what other companies are charging, your customers will to and if you are charging to much, they will not stay with you. However, cheaper is not always better and companies know this as well so do not under charge either.
  5. Set the Expectation.You must set your clients’ expectations because the truth is, you are the expert. You know what it is going to take to bring in more business. Although they may be familiar with SEO reselling companies, you are the one that knows exactly how it works. You need to let them know what to expect with what they have given you to do. Do not over promise anything or you may come off at either untrustworthy and dishonest or at the very best, not very good at your job.

If you are trying to learn the SEO trade then simply follow these 5 steps and you will have a much better time at starting up the business. The most important things to remember are: be honest, be trustworthy, be understand and listen.

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