12 Simple Scrunchie Styles to Try – Consumer Review

A ponytail that loops can be formed by wrapping the scrunchy twice around your hair. Then, pulling it just a little length of the wraparound. It will make the bun base. Next, pick the hair at the bottom, and then twist it in half, and put it on the top of the bun. It will create an elegant style.

Another type of ponytail that can be made using multiple scrunchies is one called a bubble ponytail. Three ponytails can be created by segregating your hair, and using scrunchies with different hues to tie each. One can match an look with scrunchy hues. This fashion is a fantastic way to express the individuality of each person and to express their creativity.

This video highlights only 12 styles that can be made with the help of colorful scrunchies. There are many other creative possibilities. Anyone who employs these techniques will never be able to have a dull hair moment. 5kgfd8kcl5.

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